To order plans, send a self-iiddn'VM'il. stamped envelope and a check for $3.50 (made out to Southern I a i /rig) to:

Computer Cabinet, Southern Living; Maua/ine» Dept. AW P.O. Box 523, Birmingham. AL 35201

I Lee Valley

Pinch Dugs

Pinch <U*£s are used for assembly and clamping. Traditionally. iIk-v were used by upholsterers as all puqxxNC gluing damps. Rcganlless o\ the shape of ivu> picccs, as long as a doc is tapped hi difcctly across ihe glue line, it will hold everything without skewing until ilie glue sets. Pricing had driven these tools out of the market, hut we made them in substantial volume allowing major price reductions. Sizes indicated arc overall length, tip to tip (15KIO.OI r Pinch IX>g. pkg. of 6 % 4.95

05KI0.ll) Set of IX Dogs (all of above) $IX.OO (Shinw^'^mti,*: .m™. s> frvJtm,*Uuvt>Muu

^¡WP To order H QfiA Q71 QH CO or fax: Our 248-page catalog call: l"OUU"Of rOljO 1-800.513-78X5 sent free with order.

w l«j//rv Totdi tj,i - 12 East Hn*t St.. OstUnsbwx. \ Y tStoV I0SU Morrismi Or . Oimhu. t \mada K2U &K7

Jnill-Size Professional Plan

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