At Bat

I enjoyed the articic on the bat house (AW #46), and I plan to build one. However, as a veterinarian, I must disagree with the point the author made about rabies being just as prevalent in dogs as it is in bats. Please let readers know that bats and skunks are the most prevalent carriers of" rabies.

1 [email protected] B. Pattberg Hernando, MS

Corrections on «¡era's Desk

I've had a few problems in building the base for Kiera's desk (AW #44). I found that the side tenons do not interfere with the back tenons where they join the back legs of the base. I also found that the length of the back piece is not 28'/4 in., as indicated in the drawing on page 45.

Could you also address a problem I had with the drawer dividers? The dimension given for the height of the dividers is 4<V4 in. This turned out to be too high. I would appreciate it if you could review these problems and let me know what you find. Let me also say that I enjoy your magazine and look forward to ever)r issue.

BOB [email protected] Kurtis Huggins

You re right about the error in the joint where the desk side and hack join the back leg. The back legs are square in section (11/4 in. by 1t/4 in.). They don > measure ! !/4 by /'/2 as Libeled in the drawing on page 45. The correct back length (includ-ing the two tenons) is 27^/4 in. The tenons in the back legs won't interfere with each other. provided you stick with tenon lengths of 3/4 in. and */2 in. as indicated in the drawings.

height given for the drawer dividers may not jibe with the measurement you get when building the base. mainly because of slight variations in the angle cut on the desk side and in the top of each front leg. Here, the secret to correctly sized parts involves the order of construction and the necessity of cutting to jit at certain critical points. Author Ron Lay port, who designed and built the deskt stresses these issues in the article. An improved order of work for completing the base would be to save cutting and installing the drawer dividers and beads until after the rest of the base is together. Then you can cut the dividers to fit between the top and bottom front rails, slide them into their dadoes. and glue the beads in place.—Eds.

Dedicated to AW

I can no longer afford to subscribe to the five woodworking magazines I've been receiving, but I will not let this subscription run out. I really enjoy it very much. I have been participating in AMERICAN Wcx^DWORKF.R's online "chat rooms" on America Online; I find them a lot of fun. Keep up the great work.

Mike Mihich Mcrrillvillc, IN

Now There's A Fine Line Between Pi

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