Making The Arm Assembly

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Carving a cove by hand. Clamp the crest rail in a bench vise and carve from the center of the rail toward each end to avoid tearout.

Shaping the round-over. Treanor uses a drawknife to round the edge of the crest rail. A spokeshave and rasps help to refine the curved surface.

Sawing the lap joint. Cut the half-lap in the crest rail on the bandsaw. Guide the workpiece against a fence to keep the cut straight.

Clamping the arm. Treanor glues up the arm assembly with the parts upside down on his bench.

Carving the details. Use a sharp chisel to carve the transitional thumbnail on the end of the crest rail (center). Then, use a narrow gouge to cut the shallow cove on the arm (right).

Dia Light Rail Plan

CREST RAIL (See sections.)


•Lay out by eye during assembly (See text, page r>l.)

Drill 9/ib-dia hole through arm for arm support.

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