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New cabinet chat— Whether you're in the throes of a hinge dilemma or you're thinking about remodeling the kitchen, check out the new weekly "Shop Talk" chat on cabinets and built-ins. Vital stats: Host: Paul Levine (screen name: ElseNew), cabinetmaker & author of Cabinets and Built-lns (1994, Rodale Press) Time: Mondays, 9:30 pm Place: the "Shop Talk" chat room

Wood database on the Web—Technophiles: WOODPRO is a lumber database and wood selection system you can download from two World Wide Web sites, accessible through America Online. You can look up 331 types of wood and their properties. Or ask WOOD-PRO to search for any combination of physical and working properties, color or price. (For example, it can list all the strong black woods that plane well, in order of price.) Download WOODPRO from:

ftp// geary/woodpro or from:

httpj/www. woodworking. com

AW Online is part of the America Online computer service. Call (800) 764-4400 for free software and 10 free hours of online time.

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