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The Rhode Island School of Design has launched a new undergraduate major in furniture design. It joins RISD's well-established graduate program to form a new Department of Furniture Design, staffed by four leading furniture makers/scholars.

The new undergraduate major opens this fall. It aims to give aspiring furniture designers the broad range of skills necessary to make a living and advance the craft as a whole. The curriculum will include design theory, technical classes, studio work and professional practice, as well as research projects examining the social and environmental aspects of furniture design and fabrication. Interdisciplinary work will be cncouraged.

Well-known contemporary furniture maker Rosanne Somerson, chair of RISD's graduate furniture program, heads the new department.

I She is joined by three distin guished colleagues: John Dunnigan, from RISD's Dept. of Interior Architecture; Alphonsc Mattia, a member of the graduate furniture faculty; and Charles Swanson, a part-time RISD furniture faculty member.

RISD is now accepting applications for the fall of 1997. Contact: Rhode Island School of Design, Admissions Office, Two College St., Providence, RI 02903-2784, (401)454-6300.

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