Planing Octagons

With another jig, I can plane square stock into octagonal stock. This jig is also useful for planing a flat along a length of dowel rod.

Since each jig covers the bed rollers, you need to thoroughly wax the contact surface to reduce friction. Wooden stop blocks at both ends of the jig keep it from sliding.

Dana Batory Crestline, OH

Diagonal Measure

Most woodworkers are familiar with the trick of checking for square by comparing diagonal measurements from opposite corners. Sometimes clamps are in the way, which makes it difficult to measure diagonals with a tape measure. My solution is to use a discarded car antenna as a measuring device. Remove the ball at the tip of the antenna, crimp both ends, then file them square as shown in the drawing. You can also crimp the telescoping sections so they hold a measurement securely.

Mark Strykcr Jersey Shore, PA

Gouge-Sharpening Jig

This jig takes the guesswork out of sharpening turning gouges. You simply rest the end of the gouge handle against one of the notches, adjust the sliding carriage until you get the proper grinding angle and lock the carriage with the threaded knob. When you make your version of this jig, match the spacing between notches to the spacing between your two grinding wheels. Alternatively, you could adapt this design for a single wheel. Screw or clamp the jig's base to your grinding bench.

William Boyd Bloomficld, MI

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