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The Mirronf Collection

Beveled Mirrors "Reflections of Quality "

Your beautifulhandcraftedprojects defctve the In-ft... // bezrlcil ntimrfiwtt Shapes 4 Surfaces?

II e (any over one million picccs in stock for quick shipment and can fabricate almost any shape, color or size of mirror you may need. i Gill today to place yon r m/crand to receive a copy of our color catalog.


I-S(KMvl 7-7670 1649fyatmonr/kvnue Bohemia, Nea- York 11716

Rem Clamp

Three Layup Tables in One

• Save time and increase ^ productivity

6 heavy duty Taylor clamps

> 32" opening width

T deep when clamps are vertical

ONLY $695.00

(Plus Freight)

(800) 660-3028

PI AMP^ 108-128 Parker Avenue VvI^ViVll o pOUghkeepsie, NY 12601

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