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The Wood Slicer

Extra-Durable. Precision Resawing Blades for Delta, Sears, Shopsmith, Inca & other Band saws

Slot Tfjjf l-arc».ooai up lo irmtcliwen m« dcanesi. eauott cut» you' bamluw has aw <ttt»erod Wood Stco»'" Wades lonluro ind\Sdua»r Hod, procltMn act Mem Mtcti are bombatJod Utartum carb«Je and rrpuhe hardoned lo slay »harp 3 limes Wvjt' Ihan Ofd»wy t>l>4es Cvbon-mangane!* spring steel blade sloe* is Ihwine» and stronger. atomrq I en von *«■«• »»tnng i>u wood and tVfjrmj lew [w fccm your <un

StM*-of-0*-V1 -eld* are unconditionally guaranteed again*) breakage Half-inch 5-Kdti dowgn * xK^ »0« >«ui»t-g ard rpp«■<) *-y mod up lo yoji uw't munum capital,

Sprc"y *twvt»ra tan** TZ (Sl*p«mthJ. TX (Ineal. ftCT (Sotn). 9>i r (Orta 14*). or 104-3M* (Oiflli 14- Will liMr WCC»> CUWOm «ntMMt »\V> 4-6 Jmwy tor $34 «5 oatfl

OflOCR TOLL FREE (800)241-6746

* AM « « I* cn*r uwpnç ^tftjrp» <n«Vn AO >UftM_

104» N Highland Aw. Oept AM Attytta. OA 309» 1404) 672-4466

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