If you've outgrown your lathe and are aiming to move up to a larger, heavy-duty model, I'd suggest taking a look at Delta's new Top-Turn 16-in. lathe.

The Top-Turn's list of standard features and equipment will impress any experienced turner. The modular cast-iron bed is one of my favorites. With its two standard interlocking bed sections, the lathe holds 38 in. between centers. But it's easy to add more interlocking modules. It took me just 30 minutes to expand bed length to nearly 5 ft., and the lineup was flat and accurate. Factor in the optional outboard turning setup that's made to handle work up to 31 in. dia., and you have a machine with impressive capacity.

Six-inch and 12-in. tool rests are standard, and the rest holder is long enough to make use of the lathe's full 16-in. swing. Posts are long enough to let you work high above center when necessary.

The 24-point shaft indexing feature is to be expected, but Delta added an automatic release on the indexing pin. Close the headstock cover and the pin disengages automatically.

The standard 3-in. and 6-in. faceplates are left- and right-hand tapped for use on inboard or outboard sides, and the accessory outboard table can do double duty as an 8-in. bed extension. Other standard features include a high-quality live center, two heavy-duty arbor wrenches, a knockout bar and a good

Motor Shaft Arbor Extention

Turning heads. Delta's Top-Turn lathe lives up to its name: It's a high-end machine designed for the serious turner.

spur center. And the machining on this lathe is excellent. ^^^^^^^^^^^^

The Top-Turn is powered by a l'^-HP, 220-volt motor, and has a five-speed step-pulley drive (350 to 3,000 rpm). Speed changes are all made from the top of the headstock. 1 appreciated not having to bend down to the motor cabinet to change speeds. According to Delta, a Top-Turn with DC variable speed will be available soon.

As you might expect, the Top-Turn isn't cheap, with a street price around $3,200. The bed module extensions, which come with stand and shelf parts, will run you over $600 each. Despite the cost, this new lathe is bound to be popular with experienced turners who can appreciate its thoughtful design and quality components. If you want a more capable lathe, you'll have to build it yourself. (List price: $3,687) Delta International Machinery Corp.. Dept. AWT; 246 Alpha Dr.. Pittsburgh. PA 15238. (800) 438-2486. Circle #611

Restorers Cat's Paw

This Japanese lool i\ ideal for casing: apart cabincts in repair work wiihoul marring ihe wood. Until you have used this tool, ii is difficult to appreciate its versatility. Removing molding, separating miter joints in frames, and casing off paint-sci/cd hardware arc just a few examples. At 8" long, it is easy to carry or store. Excellent tool value.

60K2I.06 Restorer s Cat s Paw $12.95

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