was surprised when my mother-in-law handed me a popular mail-order catalog. Inside she had circled a "breakfast bar/' consisting of two stools and a 36-in.-high breakfast table that could double as a worktablc. "Want the job?" she asked.

The bar design was interesting. The height of the table matched that of most kitchen counters, making it perfect for food preparation and other standing chores. And the stools could be used during mealsĀ» then stashed away when not in use. The ensemble would sit in a central spot in her kitchen, forming an "island" or focal point for daily activities. I agreed to the job, and built the table shown here. Til show you how to build the matching stools in the next issue.

The table I made is similar to the mail-order model, cxccpt I rcduccd its length and width to fit its particular kitchen destination. For more work

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