New Finishes for an Old Look

At a time when many waterborne finishes are touted for their clarity, three new Tried & True Finishes are formulated to recapture the warm amber tones of old-fashioned linsccd-oil-bascd finishes without the petroleum thinners or toxic "driers" found in most modern finishes. Original Wood Finish is a mix of linseed oil and pure beeswax that you can apply as a top coat or to restore old finishes to an antique luster. Varnish Oil is recommended for tabletops or other surfaces that require protection. A penetrating Danish Oil finish is also available. (Price: Original Wood Finish and Varnish Oil, $19.95 per qt.; Danish Oil Finish. $9.75 per qt.) Tried & True Wood Finishes, 14 Prospect St., Trumansburg* NY 14886, (607)387-9280. Circle #605


Combo Bandsaw and Sander

Tradesman's unique new 8130 bench-top three-wheel bandsaw doubles as a 7v/8-in.-dia. disc sander, complete with a dedicated tilting work table. The sander spins at 1,750 rpm and takes hook-and-loop-type sanding discs. To ensure safe operation, a crescent-shapcd guard covers the disc while you're using the bandsaw. The saw has a 15-in. throat capacity; resaw capacity is just over 6^/32 in. The 8130 is powered by a 3/4-HP direct-drive motor. Standard equipment includes a dust collection port, miter gauge and rip fence. Ballbearing blade guides and a circle cutting jig are optional. (Price: $499.95) Power Tool Specialists, Dept. AWT, 3 Craftsman Rd, Fuist Windsor, CT 06088, (203) 654-1761. Circle #606

Steam-Bending Kit

Veritas has developed a set of components for steam bending. The basic kit consists of a lO-ft.-long strap clamp (sold in two widths), an adjustable end stop, and bolts to use when making your own fixed end stop. The strap and stops help to keep wood fibers on the outside of a bend from failing. Optional specialty items for steam bending are also available: clamps to hold the wood where it makes a transition for compound bends, a special electric kettle for generating steam, and a block and tackle with special fittings to help bend wood pieces. Contact Veritas for a free brochure describing the kit. (Price: basic kit, $54) Veritas Tools Inc., Dept. AWT. 12 East River St.. Ogdensburg. NY 13669. (800) 667-2986. Circle #607

Micro Fence Gets Circle Jig

Micro Fence has introduced a Circle Jig Attachment for its micro-adjusting aftermarket router fence. The new attachment lets you cut circles and curves (6 in. to 48 in. dia.), with the same precision and repeatability as the original Micro Fence. (See "Toolbox," AW #44.) (Price: as Micro Fence accessory, $79; as independent tool, $98; Micro Fcncc and Circle Jig together, $198) Micro Fence. Dept. AWT, 11100 Cumpston St.. #35, North Hollywood, CA 91601, (800) 480-MICR(). Circle #608


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