Wood Selection And Layout

To compose the most attractive panels, select and harvest the figure you desire from the available boards. There's no reason to preserve wide boards, nor to lay out parts parallel to existing edges. The ordinary long-grain edge joint thus becomes a vehicle tor design and imagination. —I.K. and J.K.

Prospecting for gold. Kirby surveys .in unpromising stack of short ends that were discarded by a flooring manufacturer.

Draw the board. The first chalk line locates the center of the "V-shaped figures, or "cathedrals." Measuring equal distances to lx)th sides defines the selections.

Rip and sort. After you rip the board on the bandsaw, you can sort the wood into flatsawn cathedrals and the straight figure of quartersawn and rift-sawn wood.

Solid inserts. Inserts of solid mahogany enhance the proportional pattern created by quartersawn rippings of various widths. Kirby scrapes off the glue squeeze-out before it sets hard.

Fancy panels. At left, a quartersawn panel with solid inserts. At right, a flatsawn panel with cathedrals.


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