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Check out the detailed test results in our "Buyer's Guide to Plunge Routers," AW #33 (August 1993).

Plunge routers an

On this type of router, you can plunge the bit into the work and retract it after making the cut. The motor housing can move up and down on a pair of posts which are connected to the router base. Since the motor can lock at any point on its plunge range, you can use a plunge router to cut mortises, stopped grooves or incised letters.

Plunge routers can also work just like fixed-base routers. This dual-function capability explains why plunge routers have become so popular. If you're only planning on buying one router, make it a "plunger.'

Plunge Routers

DeWalt DW614

Hitachi M8V

Bosch B1450

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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