to very fine grinding— even polishing on some machines.

Finishing stone and/or abrasives. Though they're very effective for sharpening, most wet grinders can't give you a final edge. Honing is required to achieve a polished, razor-sharp cutting edge. Some woodworkers hone with 6,000-grit or 8,000-grit waterstones. Others use a hard Arkansas oilstone. Still others prefer buffing with rouge or fine abrasive paste on a leather strop or hard felt wheel.

Horizontal grinders

Horizontal grinders

The wheel on a horizontal grinder spins faster—around 500 rpm—and it has an overhead reservoir that drips water down onto the stone. Horizontal grinders have 800-grit to 1,000-grit wheels that produce a smooth, flat bevel which requires only final honing on a bench stone. All the horizontal grinders, except the Makita 9820-2 and the Wen 2900, have dry vertical wheels similar to those found on vertical-type grinders.

Water-Cooled Grinders

Penn Slate SSG-ACCU

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