High-capacity bartery.

Scr pjRf 13b for litfing of manufacturer*.

KEY: Chuck Type: MX - hex. Kl => key I«*, KY = keyed. Handle Type: DH - D-handle, PC = pitfoi-W TH = Munde — = ncH applicable NA i information not available, OPT - optional. *Specd ranges variable uoU*>s starred ##Mav include drill. (f} = Editors Choice

Panasonic EY6588CQ


Brand Ä Model

IKt Price

Battery Volt»

Fart Charge

Max. K|mii* (Low Range, High Range)

Chuck Type

Chuck Capacity (in.)

No. of Clutch Selling*"

Handle Type

Weight (Ills.)

Comments & Feature»

Hitachi DN10DYK


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