Building The Cabinets

If you're going to build the simple crosscut sled at right, the first thing to do is rip your 1/2-in. plywood into three strips: two 14-3/4-in. wide and one at 18-in. wide. Crosscut the 18-in. strip using a circular saw, a jig saw or a tablesaw. Then proceed with the building steps for the simple crosscut sled given at right.

The basic building steps for the cabinets are shown in Photos 3 through 11, Begin by ripping your MDF into 1 5- 1/2-in.-wide strips. Then crosscut to give you the sides (A), the doors (E) and the tops and bottoms (B). Rip the shelves (D) to width and cut the nailers and cleats out of the remaining material Check all the parts to be sure they're square and that all parts of a given size are within 1/16-to. of each other.

The cabinet assembly process is pretty fail-safe, because you clamp the pieces together first to get all the edges lined up, and no glue is used. Even after you've screwed pieces together, they can be taken apart and redone if you've made a mistake.

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

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