Cutoff After Assembly

This sled makes it much easier to accurately cut large pieces of sheet stock and pieces that are too wide and awkward for your miter gauge.With only three pieces, it shouldn't take you more than an hour or so to build. We've Included a simple stop, which makes it much easier to cut multiple parts to the same length.

Begin by cutting out the three pieces for the sled. Make sure the strip that goes into your miter gauge slot has a snug-sliding fit. Screw the strip to the sled so the sled overhangs the tablesaw blade by about I in. and is square to the back edge of the sled. Attach the fence so it's aiso square to the back edge of the sled. Screw the fence through the elongated slot, so it has a little adjustability. Run the sled through the saw to trim it even with the saw blade (Photo I ).Test cut a 12 to 16-in,-wide piece of plywood (Photo 2) and check the cut for square. Adjust the fence position until your cut is perfectly square. Fasten the fence permanently with a couple more screws

The stop can be flipped out of the way for the first cut on a board, then flipped down and used for the final cut.

BUILD THE SLED wide enough so that your first cut trims off the end of the sled,That way, the end of the sled will line up perfectly with the blade.

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