Tablesaw Wings

I use the space under my contractor's saw to keep my accessories handy, 1 made "tablesaw wings" by removing the base from my saw and bolting a couple of 4-ft. 1x4s in between the saw legs and the upper housing. 1 fastened 12-in. x 24-in. trays to the ends of the 1x4s that hang out either side of the saw. The trays hold things like push sticks, inserts, featherboards and the miter gauge.

Jay A. Young Silver Spring, MD Mi

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The 16,5-foot length model is shown here.

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> Powered by a powerful 13-, 20-, or 24-horse power gasoline engine.

■ 16'-6" log length standard capacity; other lengths available upon request,

■ Baker Thin-Kerf technology ensures easy, accurate cuts with minimal waste and lower blade cost.

■ Transport the t8M behind your ATV SUV, pickup truck, or jeep with included trailer package.

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