Important Features

Easy Blade Changes ll's noi unusual to make dozens of blade changes during a single scroll saw project. Quick and easy blade changes are the difference between scrollsawing that's a pleasure or a chore. The Craftsman, Delta 40-570, 650 and 680, DeWalt, Dremel and Ridgid saws all offer blade clamps that are both easy to use and require no tools (Photo I}. Delta's unique Quick Set 11 blade uses a lever to clamp the blade in seconds flat (Photo 2).

Changing blades on saws that require tools can really try your patience. Holding a tiny blade in position in the cramped space under the table while simultaneously tightening the blade holder with an Allen wrench can put a damper on anyone's enthusiasm for scrollsawing.

Quick-Release Blade Tensioner

We prefer a quick-release blade tensioner that allows you to set and release blade tension with little or no adjustment to the tension knob (Photo 3). When changing blades, tension must be taken off" a blade before it can be removed. Once a blade is back in ihe clamps, tension must be restored. Saws without this feature require cranking a knob to release the tension for blade removal, then cranking the tension back up again after the blade has been replaced.

Easy Blade Threading

Fretwork requires making cutouts in the middle of your stock and is accomplished by threading the blade through

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