Giue the back slats to the stretcher. Use a pipe clamp to hold the back assembly in position and join the slats to the stretcher. Use l/8-in.-thick scrap spacers to create the correct gap between the slats.

The back slats require two templates: one for the center slat (E) and another for the tall and short slats (F and G). Start with a single 8-3/8 in. x 26 in, piece of template stock. Draw a 6-in. radius at the top with a compass. Rip the 4-in. center slat template from the right side. Rip the outside slat template to 4 in., but stop about 6 in. from the bottom. Finish the 1/4-in. jog on the bandsaw, Bandsaw the top curves and rasp smooth.

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