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How Much Light?

Q. My husband wants to turn our basement into a TV room so I have to move my shop to the garage. I want to fix it up right and one of the big questions I have is how much lighting do I need?

Cina Carson Minneapolis, MN

A. Pages could be written on how to best light a shop area and it can get quite confusing with terms tike foot candles, lumens and Kelvin temperatures. But here are some basic guidelines that'll help you as you set up your shop.

■ Fluorescent lights cost less to operate than incandescent lights.

■ Use 3/4 to 1-1/2 watts of fluorescent light per square foot. (This equals five to nine 48-in.-lung two-bulb fixtures for an average two-car garage.)

■ Fluorescent fixtures with electronic ballasts save energy, and operate quietly with very little flicker,

• Locate additional task lights over machines and workbenches.

12 American Woodworker june S001

■ Use a dedicated ! 5-amp circuit and load it with no more than 1,400 watts.

• For incandescent light, use 2-1/4 to 4-1/2 watts per square foot. (This equals 11 to 22 100-watt bulbs for an average two-car garage.)

• When possible, paint the walls and ceiling a light color.

• Work with a licensed electrician and secure a permit before you begin the work.


Tool #RC-403S5

■ 4-sldod replaceable carbide knives.

• 13 diiterent depths with one tool using optional collars.

67355 (17 piece collar !cit>

■ Maintain exact tolerances.

■ Choose from 4 different carbide knives lor dlllerent applications:

q AMA-12 (wood, plywood) SMA-12 (soft and hard wood) HMA-12 (solid suriace/SSV'/MDF) MFA12 (all purpose)

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Amana Tool wilson akt'

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Dead Battery Recycling

Q. I love my rechargeable tools but I'm getting a drawer full of dead batteries. I know I shouldn't throw them out with the trash but what can I do with them?

Sara Lopez Dallas,TX

A. You're right. The trash is the wrong place for used batteries. Trash gets burned, buried or both. Many of the metals used in rechargeable batteries are hazardous and can end up in our air or ground water if disposed of improperly.

The right place for disposal is one of 20,000 national "Charge Up to Recycle" collection sites. They include ACE Hardware stores. Batteries Plus, Circuit City, Radio Shack, Target, WalMart and Zellers, to name a few. They accept several types of rechargeable batteries (nickel cadmium, lithium ion, nickel metal hydrite and small sealed-lead batteries). They do not accept car batteries.

The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC) takes the used batteries and reclaims the metal and recycles

14 american woodworker june200]

the rest of the batteries to make new ones. For more information about a drop-off location near you, call (800) 8-BATTERY (800-822-8837) or visit mw.rbrc.com. WV

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It"you have j question you'd like answered, send it to us a:: Question & Answer, American Woodworker, 2915 Commcrs Drive, Suite 700, Lagan, MN 55121. Sorry, but the volume of mail prevents us from answering each question individually.

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Mumble Wrt /

: n should be this

"All oiy tools

The Accu-Mitei® is a professional miter gauge that makes perfect angles easily. Shot-pin action assures dead-on accuracy for common angles. Our new adjustable bar insures a perfect fit in your table saws slot.

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Accu-Mllfli" shown Wilt) optional manual clamp

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