Making The Templates

You'll probably want to make at least two of these chairs. Templates make this easy. Template routing allows you to shape a number of curved or irregular-shaped parts quickly and precisely.

Handsaw your templates from 1/4-in. hardboard to the exact shape of the legs, arms and back slats shown in Figs. B and C on pages 64 and 65, Fair and smooth the edges with a rasp or some sandpaper wrapped around a curved block.

To determine the size of the dovetail notches in the arm and leg templates, measure the difference between the outside diameter of your guide bushing and the diameter of the bit (we used a 5/8-in. guide bushing and a 1/2-in.-dia. dovetail bit). Add this measurement (1/8 in., in our case) to the width and length of the 3/4 in. x 4-in. finished socket (see Arm and Back Leg, Tig. C). Cut the template notches on the handsaw and clean them tip with a rasp.

The Back Slat Templates You'll need to make two templates for the back slats: see Fig. B, page 64.

The Back Leg Template We've simplified making this template.

Just take the back leg pattern in Pig. B to a copy center and follow the directions for enlargement. In case you don't have access to a copier, we've added a grid diagram so you can lay out a template by hand.

The Front Leg Template To create the notch on the front leg template (Fig. C), raise the blade on your tablesaw to full height and saw most of the waste. Finish up the cut on I he handsaw. Handsaw the taper on the front leg. Then clean up the saw marks with a rasp or file.

The Arm Template No tricks here; just use the illustration in Fig. C as your guide.

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