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Watch out for the sapwood! Insects love it, especially when the wood is green, but also after you've built your project.

52 American Woodworker JUNE2001

Watch Out for the Dust

Some woodworkers have immediate allergic reactions to the chemical extractives in mesquite dust. Others develop the reaction over time. Always wear a face mask and use a dust collection system on your power tools. A tew of my woodworker friends in Texas didn't take this concern seriously and they've had to give up woodworking because of allergies they developed over the years.

Mesquite dust can sometimes cause an allergic reaction, so wear a dust mask and use dust collection on your power tools.

If you Want the Best, Go for the Gold.

Powermatic Gold.

Vou don't have to go to the end of the rainbow to find the gold. The new Powermatic store has gold shapers, gold sanders, gold jointers, gold planers, and more. We have the biggest selection, with over 100 Powermatic machines and accessories to choose from, Powermatic sets the Gold standard for woodworking and metalworking machinery.

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oebesqb blades bits shapers dust collectors jointers sanders the Powermatic store table saws portable planers band saws

52 American Woodworker JUNE2001

99% at 1-2 Micron Filter Media

Ultra Compact

Dust Collector

2 hp to 15 hp Systems

Compact Filter Cartridge Replaces Multiple Filter Bags

99% at 1-2 Micron Filter Media

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Complete Ductwork Packages


Dust collection systems & components 1.5hp & larger

Save the Scraps lor Your Barbecue!

When you work with mesquite, you get an added bonus. Waste, end cuts and even the sawdust can be used in the barbecue for that world-renowned mesquite smoke 11 avor. Visit a local grocery store and you'll see people paying big bucks for mesquite wood chips packaged in five or 10-pound sacks. Make your own instead! W


The mesquite industry is a small, cottage industry chat is constantly changing. A complete, regularly updated list of mesquite sources is available from Ken E. Rogers, P.O. Box 9009,2910 Normand Drive, College Stacion.TX 77842. {979) 229-7868, www. br, The complete story of mesquite, car be found in the author's book.The Magnificent Mesquite, University of Texas Press. November 2000, $20. Signed copies are available from the author.

Mesquite lumber can be obtained from the following sources:

Cedar Canyon Woodworks. 11729 Lime Creek ftd., Leander.TX 78641: (512) 331-7978 e-mail: [email protected]

Quality Hardwoods, 2684 Hwy. 290 East, Fredericksburg.TX 78624 (830) 997-6503 e-mail: [email protected]

Texas Kiln Products, 170 Texas Kiln Place, Smithville.TX 78957 (512) 360-4385 e-mail: [email protected]

WCW Mesquite, Rt. I, Box 68-B, Hondo,TX 78861 (830) 426-3000.

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