Tablesaw Fence

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3 Assemble the drilling jig. Cut theV-groove block in half to make the top and bottom pieces of the drilling jig. Stack the pieces together and drill a 3/4-in.-dia. hole exactly in the center.

Cut four stop blocks from the triangular waste pieces left over from ripping the grooves.The puzzle pieces and spacers are locked between the stop blocks when you set up the jig (see Step #4, below). For a tight fit, first glue block A to the jig.To position block B. place one of your puzzle pieces and both 3i8-in. spacers in the jig and butt them up to block A. Then butt block B to all three pieces and glue it to the jig.

ICut the puzzle pieces to length safely and accurately with this jig,You'll need seven 2-l/2-in,-long dowel pieces in all, six for the puzzle plus one extra to balance the drilling jig. Also, cut four 3/8-in,-long pieces to use as spacers in the drilling jig.

The trick in using this dowel-cutting jig is to avoid trapping the cut-off piece between the stop block and the blade. Instead, butt the dowel up to a removable spacer and withdraw the spacer before you make the cut.

2 Make the drilling jig by cutting V-grooves into a hardwood block. First, draw the layout below on both ends of the block with a combination square.

Tilt your tablesaw blade 45 degrees and raise it l/2-in. above the table. Move the fence to align the blade with cut # I, Make the cut, turn the board end-for-end and make cut #2. Repeat the process for cuts #3 and #4. Caution: Use a push stick and stand to the right of your fence when cutting these pieces.There's a chance the waste may kick back at you.

When you're done, check the jig for accuracy by nesting two dowels in the grooves.Their sides should touch.

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