Tools And Supplies

We've come up with a building process for these cabinets that makes handling the sheet material as easy as possible. The first step, whether you're making one cabinet or a dozen, with drawers or without, is to rip each lull sheet into three long pieces (see Cutting Diagrams, page 42) These more manageable pieces can then be crosscut and ripped narrower, as needed.

FfBERBOARD is so dense that it can split if you screw too close to the edge, even with a pilot hole. If this happens, push some glue into the split, withdraw the screw, and clamp. Redrill the pilot hole and you're back in business.

HANG THE DOOR from inside the cabinet.This is a pretty weird-looking way to do it. but it works great! Simply attach the hinges to the door, then clamp the door to the cabinet box so it's aligned ail the way around, and then screw the hinges to the inside of the cabinet. Finally, screw on the back of the cabinet.


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