Wioe Mortise

Detail 2: Slots and Top Fasteners

A, Detail 1). With the proper setup, these notches can be cut safely and precisely on the tabiesaw (Photos 7 and 8).

Attach the $lats

Mill all of the slats and drill counterbored access holes for screws. To space the slats evenly, lay them in place on the lower rails with 1/16-in.-thick shims in between {Photo 9). You may have to joint a couple of slats or add pieces of masking tape to some of the shims to make everything fit.

With the shims in place, align the ends of the slats and clamp them all together. Drill pilot holes into the rails and fasten the slats with screws. Fill the Screw holes by gluing in side-grain wooden plugs (see Sources, page 80). When the glue is dry, pare and scrape the plugs flush with the slats.

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