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8 sawmill models to choose from... Call for package savings

Moisture Meters can help you avoid frustrating moisture problems such as shrinking, warping, failed gluellnes, loose joints, etc. Also ideal for lumber drying, to find out if the wood is finally dry enough to use.

LignomatUSA — 800-227-2105

P0 Box 30145, Portland OR 97294 503-257-8957, FAX 503-255-1430 USA www.lignomat.com E-mail [email protected]

Auto-locking Jaws create a grip that absolutely will not slip off once contact is made, squeezing the handles are not necessary, just pry!

Parallel jaw» apply an even gripping force, which eliminates any risk of shearing.

Jefferson Tool LLC PO Box 31535 Charleston SC 29417 (843) 5S6-045S

Wood-Mizer 800.553.0182


LT15 model shown

just the pattern? fZr/ j||r the complete kit? jfcuild it YOUR way!

i-Gear-Clocks.com clocks, luiv and do-it->||ursclf patterns



jp- OVER 70 DOMESTIC AND IMPORTED SPECIES Custom-Made Flooring Curly Cherry 4/4 to 16/4 • Birdseye & Tiger Maple Mahogany 30"+ • Premium Walnut & Cherry

332 Matching flitches, 5/4 to 8/4 18"-40" wide K.D. Lumber, Nationwide & International Shipping No Order Too Large or Too Small email: [email protected] [email protected] fc [717] 284-0001 800-342-0001 FAX (717) 284-2400

¿rim Band Saw Blades

» 1» call: Suffolk Machinery 800-234-7297 Free Catalog • www.suffolkmachinery.com

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