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Jim Morgans Wood Profits

Wood Profits by Jim Morgan

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Curly claro walnut; holly and padauk line and berry inlay; ebony and lemonwood inlay borders t PEMBROKE TABLE

26" H x 19" D x 27" L Curly cherry; holly, ebony, and apple (osage-orange) inlay hedge

Do You Know A Great American Woodworker?

We're looking for other talented, undiscovered woodworker® who have an interesting story to tell about themselves and their worfe (f you're that person, or you know somebody else who is, please write us at [email protected]


41" H x 24" D x 66" L Sapele, pommele sapele,and crotch mahogany veneer; holly, ebony, lemonwood, padauk and satinwood inlay t



Curly cherry, ebony drawer pulls

Big Show in Michigan teachers and now celebrating 80 continuous years of service, MITES is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to supporting students and teachers in industrial arts and technical education programs throughout Michigan and northern Indiana. Currently, more than 600 teachers, administrators, business associates, parents and interested citizens are active members.

The Society's mission is to recognize, encourage and promote student achievement in the "applied arts," as industrial and technical education programs are often called. Applied arts classes, such as woodshop, provide hands-on learning with tools, materials, and processes that result in a finished prototype, project or service. MITES primary goal is to motivate applied arts students to excel—in the classroom, in their personal lives and in their careers.

Applied arts classes attract a wide variety of students and are especially

Awards are presented at five levels at the show, based on age and years of experience. Thoughtful design and good craftsmanship appear at every level.

helpful for those that could potentially get lost between the cracks in conventional "test driven" school programs. Teaching students how to use tools and materials to complete a project is a pragmatic approach to learning that provides them with real-world applications of math, science and writing concepts.

MITES members believe that the process of building a project directly affects academic achievement, because it helps students develop problem-solving skills and understand abstract concepts. Completing a project develops self-esteem and confidence, the basic ingredients to success in any life pursuit.

A Really Big Show

MITES has developed the perfect tool to motivate students and help them to see possibilities beyond the classroom: a huge exhibition. Every spring, over 10,000 applied arts students participate in regional competitions, with the goal of'going to state,"and having their project exhibited at the annual MITES convention.

Students compete in woodworking and ten other divisions, including,

Woodworking students strut their stuff at the annual MITES Convention and Exhibition.

By Dr. Ron Lutz

WHAT'S KEEPING public school woodshop programs vibrant these days? In Michigan, the answer is MITES, the Michigan Industrial and Technology Education Society. Established in 1928 by manual arts

American A

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