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I haul a lot of plywood and sheet goods in my small pickup. Since the sheets won't lie flat in the bed of my truck, I made a rack.

The rack is made out of common 2x4's. It's nothing more than three runners attached to a couple of cross rails, see Fig. 1.

The rack is designed to clear the wheel wells of the truck. I positioned the rear cross rail just inside the tailgate so the rack wouldn't slide out of the truck.

To connect the runners to the cross rails, I used hex bolts, washers, and lock nuts, see detail 'a'.

The hex bolts and lock nuts fit into counterbored holes so they don't protrude above the surface of the rack. This way, you don't have to worry about damaging your stock (or your truck).

And by placing a washer between the runners and cross rails and leaving the lock nuts slightly loose, I'm able to fold up the rack when I'm not using it.

David Petersen Austin, Texas

NOTE: Rack made from 2x4 stock

A shallow box ► attached to the bottom of a portable workbench provides a handy place to store some of the tools you'll need on thejobsite.

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