Portable Workbench Storage

I use a portable workbench still be folded up without the box getting in the way.

The front, back, and sides of the box are made out of V2"-thick stock, see Fig. 1. The ends of the front and back are rabbetted to hold the sides. Then I also cut rabbets on the top and bottom edges of each piece to hold a top and a bottom made out of W1 hardboard (Masonite).

After cutting the top and bottom panels to size, I

because it's easy to fold up and move around. But it seems like whenever I'm using the workbench on a project around the house, I'm constantly running back to my shop for a tool.

So to provide a convenient place to store a few tools, I built a small tool box thaf s mounted to the bench itself, see photo.

The box is shallow enough so the bench can glued up the box. Then I cut the box in two to create a lid. To fasten the lid to the box, I used ordinary butt hinges. And I also added a catch to the front of the box.

Finally, I screwed the box to a hardboard tray that's attached to the workbench. Now wherever I take the bench, I have my basic tools right at hand.

Warren Weber Canon City, Colorado

A shallow box ► attached to the bottom of a portable workbench provides a handy place to store some of the tools you'll need on thejobsite.

Portable Workbench


NOTE: Attach box to tray with woodscrews

NOTE: Size tray to fit in workbench


NOTE: Attach box to tray with woodscrews

NOTE: Size tray to fit in workbench


Portable Woodworking Workbench

1" x 1" angle iron

Drill Press Finger Clamps

Drill Press Accessory Bar

I like to keep a few small around the support column clamps near my drill press for attaching fences or stop blocks. But the trouble is finding a place to store them where they are handy, yet out of the way.

To solve this problem, I made a storage rack that attaches to the column of my drill press, see photo.

Hie rack is nothing more than a piece of angle iron. And to attach it to the column, I drilled a couple of holes for a muffler clamp, see Fig. 1.

(Muffler clamps can be purchased at auto parts stores. You'll need one that's large enough to fit of your drill press.)

After attaching the rack, I made a tray out of 1/2"-thick stock and W hardboard, see Fig. 2. By bolting the tray to the angle iron, I also have a place to keep drill bits.

Ron Hale Joshua Tree, California


1" x 1" angle iron


PAINTING SCREWHEADS On occasion, I need to paint the screwheads of a project before assembling it. Trying to hold the screws while painting them is messy and difficult.

So instead, I stick all the screws into a scrap piece of foam insulation (blue board). Then I can easily paint the screw-heads and let them dry without touching them.

John Pierce Carlsbad, California

ADHESIVE REMOVER I use pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) sanding discs on my disc sander. But sometimes when I peel off the sandpaper, adhesive sticks to the metal disc.

To remove the adhesive, I use something I always have around my shop — WD-40. Just spray the WD-40 on the disc, let it soak in for a minute, and wipe the adhesive off.

Bob Kelland St John's, NF, Canada

Band Clamp Corn

Band clamps are a great way to glue up small mitered boxes. But the trouble I have is that the metal corners that come with the clamps often leave dents in the wood.

To get around this problem, I make my own cor-

r Protection ner protector pads out of corrugated cardboard, see drawing. The cardboard is heavy enough to protect the corners. Yet it won't leave any marks behind on your project.

Tom Morrison Newark, Ne*w York


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Sandpaper Bag

During the summer, I find | sandpaper curls up in my I basement shop because of I the humidity. To prevent I this, I now store my sand-I paper in large-size reseal-I able plastic bags. And the I write-on label area provides | a handy place to identify the I grit of paper in the bag.

Erich Lage

J West Des Moines, Iowa

Finger Joint Pattern

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