Drying Rack For Knobs

In my shop, knobs wet with finish used to be accidents waiting to happen. They'd always end up on the floor. Then I discovered hidden value in a length of triangular scrap: With their fastening screws as counterweights, knobs rest on it securely.

Don't let small surface checks keep you from using an otherwise good board. Got a minute? You can make those checks disappear.

Squeeze cyanoacrylate (CA) glue into the crack. CA glue works better than yellow glue because it dries very quickly. Any brand of gap-filling CA glue with a 5- to

A15-second open time will work (about $5 at home centers and hardware stores). Use a tip with a pin-sized hole (you can get replacement :ips for 50 cents at hobby stores).

Immediately sand the area, mixing sanding dust with the glue and packing it in the cavity. Keep sanding until the crack is filled and the excess glue is removed. You may need to repeat the process. Under a finish, the sanding dust/glue mixture is almost invisible.

Finishing Rack

Keep surfaces flat so the finish won't run or sag.

The surest way to prevent a run is to deal with what causes it: gravity. This rack holds boards in a horizontal position so that the finish can't run or sag while it dries.

The rack has a 2 x 4 frame, with 1 x 2 supports to hold the finished parts. Use screws to fasten the base members and top brace. You can easily undo them to change the rack's size, if necessary. Leave plenty of space between the dividers to insert the finished picccs. If you want to move the rack around the shop, add casters.

When using the rack, finish just one side of your pieces and slide them onto the supports. After the pieces are dry. finish their other sides.

All parte screwed together

2X4 upright half-lapped to base psJ jfj2$

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