Aerosol Film Finish

PROS: Minimizes mottled figure Seals end grain so its color matches the face grain Fast drying (except oil-based poly). Easy to rub out (except oil-based poly). Polyurethane is most durable

CONS: Must sand between finish coats. Possible drips, runs and sags. Overspray. Requires organic-vapor respirator. Dust may stick to slow-drying polyurethane. Won't disguise color mismatches. Sapwood remains light-colored.

An aerosol tip that sprays in a wide fan pattern is less likely to leave sags and runs. Just look at the nozzle. If it's round, it sprays a cone pattern; if it's rectangular, it sprays a fan. You can adjust fan-type nozzles to spray horizontally or vertically. Cans with fan-spray nozzles cost about a dollar more, but they're worth every penny.

It's easy to get in corners with aerosols because there's no brushing or wiping. Avoid drips and sags by spraying light coats.

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