Aerosol Film Finish

Film-forming finishes keep cherry from looking blotchy, but don't significantly enhance its tone.The cherry becomes richer looking on its own, as it ages under the finish. Within a year, it reaches an attractive coppery color.

Finishes that harden into a film minimize cherry's mottled appearance. They have less color than drying oils, and they don't soak in as much. The first coat of a film-forming finish seals the wood, so successive coats lay on top of each other. Each new coat diick-ens the finish film.

Spraying these finishes from an aerosol can is fast and convenient. It's great for getting into corners and covering inU'icatc shapes. Spraying also eliminates brush stokes, and there's virtually no clean up. hut you do have to deal with overspra\ and nasty fumes. At Sf> to $8 for an 11 - to 12-oz. can, it's also kind of expensive.

You can find shellac, lacquer and polyurethane in aerosol cans. Shellac and lacquer allow cherry to darken with age. Oil-based polyurethane dries the slowest, bin it's the most durable. Watei borne poly makes cherry look pale and parched, unless you seal the surface with oil finish or dewaxed shellac first.

The secret widi aerosol spray is to go easy. Sanding off drips and sags from one heavy coat takes a lot more time than spraying and sanding two light coats. Wear «1 respirator and maintain adequate ventilation any time you spray an aerosol finish. Here are some guide lines for using aerosol.

1. Keep the nozzle perpendicular to the surface and spray from a consistent distanc e, between <S-in. and 10-in. away.

2. Move the can at a steady rate. Start spraying before you reach the surface and don't stop until you're past it.

3. Move your project around (you may even want to turn it upside down) to get the1 best spraying angle. You can sprav up and down as well as side to side.

4. Spray tough-to-reach areas first and areas that are most visible last.

5. Sand between coats with 2H0grit or finer paper.

6. L'se a new can for the final coat. Then you won't have to worry about a nozzle that spits because it's dirty 01 running out of finish.

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