Bag Your Cartridge Mask

When you're scuff-sanding between finish coats it's not unusual to get some loading cn your sandpaper, even when the topcoat is good and dry. It's frustrating when you know the grit is still good but those clumps of powdered finish ruin its effectiveness. Don't toss it out just yet. Clean the clogged paper with a nylon brush used for stripping. The stiff bristles knock off those pesky clumps and restore the paper to a useable condition.

Organic vapor cartridges work great but their useful life is only about eight hours. That's not very long. And what's worse, they're such dedicated little buggers they actually keep right on working even when you're not wearing the mask. Give them a rest and prolong their life by storing your mask in an airtight container when not in use. A resealable plastic bag or an old ice-cream pail V _ work great.

Here's a classic tip everyone should know: it's not hard to make a dent in wood and it's not hard to get one out. All you need is a household iron and a damp cloth. (Don't worry, the iron won't get wrecked, but you may want to ask permission if it's not yours!) Put a couple drops of water onto the dent and let it soak for a minute. Then lay the damp cloth over the dent and press the hot iron over it. The water in and around the dent is heated to steam, which quickly swells the wood fibers back to their original shape. Don't overdo it with the iron. Once you see the steam, remove the iron and cloth and give the fibers a little time to swell. If the dent isn't completely gone after the first try, repeat the process. A little light sanding completes the repair.

A household iron and a damp rag are all you need to repair most dings and dents.

Yes, these really are genuine before and after photos.

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