Most woods change color as they age. Maple and birch turn yellow; cherry turns reddish brown. You can easily imitate aged color on these and other close-pored woods by starting with clear gel stain or gel varnish

The surfaces of these woods are covered with legions of tiny pores that are almost invisible Staining the raw wood turns them dark. To an experienced eye, the tiny dark spots are a giveaway; on naturally aged maple, birch or cherry, they wouldn't show.

Here's how to complete the process on cherry

Step 1 Wipe on two coats of Varathane "Natural" gel stain. Allow each coat to dry.

Step 2. Wipe on a custom gel stam made by mixing Varathane "Early American" and "Cabernet" gel stains in a 3 to 1 ratio. For a deeper tone, apply a second coat of gel stain after the first coat has dried.

Step 3. Protect the color layer and add durability by brushing or spraying on polyurethane

The coats of clear gel fill the pores and seal the surface, so when the colored gel stain goes on top. it adds uniform

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