Colored Gel Stain Over Clear

overall tone without darkening the individual pores. iust as exposure to air and light would To create the look of naturally aged maple or birch, simply use a golden-yellow gel stain in Step 2.

Finishing Tips


A Defect-Free Finish, Even with a Brush

Polyurelhane is a tough, high-quality finish. ideal for tabletops and other surfaces that take a lot of abuse. But no matter how clean your finishing area or how good your brushing technique, a few bubbles, dust particles and streaky spots always manage to sneak into the final coat (Photo 1). Directions on the can don't say anything about it—leaving you to assume a less-than-perfect finish must be your own fault. However, the solution is quite simple—rub out the finish with line sandpaper and synthetic steel wool. Sanding removes defects and levels ridges. Synthetic steel wool creates an even, silkv smooth finish that's a joy to look at and feel. This age-old two-step technique is commonly used on shellac and lacquer finishes, but it can work well on water- and oil-based polyurethane. too. The only drawback with poly is that it is difficult to bring up to a high gloss. If a satin or semi-gloss look is what you're after, this technique will give you great results.

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