Leaving The Excess

You can also leave some of the stain in order to make the wood a little darker. When removing the stain, wipe in long passes with the grain, so streaking will be less likely to show. You can leave as much of the excess stain as you like, as long as the coloring is even.

This is more difficult than wiping oil the excess, because you must apply the stain evenly to keep the color even. It's almost impossible to apply a pigment stain evenly with a brush or rag. A spray gun works best. Keep in mind that pigment stain obscures the wood if all the excess is not wiped off. The more stain you leave 011 the sin face of the wood, the closet the results will resemble paint.

Dye is transparent, so dye stains can be applied fairly heavily on top of wood without obscuring it. You may want to apply coats of dye stain and leave? them in order to make the wood darker than it would get if you wiped off all the slain.

4The most common way to apply stain is to flood the surface using a brush, rag or spraygun, then wipe off the excess with a clean rag.

Uneven absorption can be a good thing when it accentuates the natural beauty of open pored woods such as oak. In the spring, oak grows fast, producing the large pores in a distinct ring called early wood.The open pores absorb more stain and will look darker Than the denser slow growing late wood next to it.

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