Make Dewaxed Shellac

thinned with denatured alcohol

Take the wax out of shellac and you have a great sealer that's compatible with most other finishes. It's best to get this "dewaxed" shellac as dry flakes that you mix with denatured alcohol. Usually you have to order the flakes through the mail. But in a pnch, you can decant (draw off one layer of liquid from another) dewaxed shellac from the canned shellac you'll find at the hardware store.

Bring e clean can or lidded jar with you to the store. With the okay of a salesperson, carefully carry a can of shellac to the counter and open it. If the liquid looks creamy, like cappuccino, put the can back and try another one. A cood candidate for decanting will contain a clear, deep amber-colored liquid with a creamy-colored layer of residue at the bottom. This indicates that the wax has settled out. You can decant between two and three cups of cewaxed shellac from a quart of l.quid shellac. After decanting, pay for the shellac and ask the clerk to dispose of the can with the waxy residue.

thinned with denatured alcohol

Decant dewaxed shellac from a can at the hardware store. Find a can in which the wax has settled to the bottom and pour off the pure shellac from the top.

Thin the decanted shellac with an equal amount of denatured alcohol for use as a sealer.

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