Oil Finish

PROS: Amber color adds warmth and depth Dust-, drip- and sag-free. Easy to renew. CONS: Amber color highlights mottled figure. Won't disguise color mismatches. Dries slowly. Oily rags are a fire hazard. Sapwood remains light-colored. Soaks into end grain and makes it dark. Requires organic-vapor respirator.

safety tip

Rags soaked with finishes that contain boiled linseed oil can catch fire spontaneously. Spread the rags out to dry. Allow plenty of air circulation around each one. To play it safe, I always take them outside. It's okay to throw the stiff, dried rags in the trash.

Oil finish is easy to apply. Saturate the surface and keep adding more oil to keep it wet as the oil soaks in. Then wipe off the excess.

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