Practice Holding The

Fill the gun with water, Then turn on the HVLP turbine to pressurize the cup and keep the fluid from traveling back up the pressure tube and dribbling out of the gun.

Pick up the gun and hold it at 90 degrees to the surface. Hold the gun 6 to 8 in. away from the surface. Lock your wrist and move the gun back and forth with your arm as you press the trigger. The speed of your arm movement determines how much finish you apply. Move too slowly and the finish will pool. Move too fast and the coat will be too thin. You'll figure out the right speed a*'ter you set the gun's controls.

Every HVLP system has three basic controls: the volume of airflow, the volume of fluidflow and the shape and size of the fan pattern. These controls may be located in different places than on tne gun shown so check the owner's manual.

An HVLP gun uses air to break up a fluid finish into tiny droplets, this is called "atomization." Once atomized, the droplets are formed into an adjustable spray pattern, called the "fan." The t'ick to adjusting the gun is to get the right atomization acrcss the entire width of the fan patterr.

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