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It's not always practical to cut off all of the sapwood. If you can't remove all of the sapwood, hide it on the underside or turn it to the inside whenever yoti can.

You can disguise sapwood with pigments or dye, although these cover-ups look best when they're fresh, because cherry's color changes. And while pigments retain their color over time, dyes usually fade.

If you color sapwood with dye, it'll gradually get lighter while the surrounding heartwood gets darker. Matching the sapwood with pigment usually works better, but exposure to sunlight over an extended length of time can actually bleach cherry's heartwood, so sap-wood colored with pigment can end up looking too dark.

The best way to color sapwood is to tone it with diluted golden-brown-colored dye. seal the surface with shellac and glaze over with burnt umber-colored pigment.

STEP 1. Color sapwood with oil paint. You may have to mix colors to get a good match with the heartwood. Thinning isn't necessary. First, seal the surface of the board with shellac.Then brush the paint on the sapwood only.

STEP 2. Wipe the paint carefully, so you tone the sapwood without adding color to the heartwood. If you mess up, remove the paint with mineral spirits and try again.

Diluted, golden-brown water-based dye makes dark-colored heartwood and light-colored sap-wood appear more uniform. It also helps to blend unmatched boards.

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