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4 A Primer on Finishes

Here's how to start down the right path.

8 Prepping for Finishing

The first steps arc the most important.

13 Good Lighting

Position your light to spot finishing defects.

14 The ABC's of Varnish

Select the right topcoat for your project.

16 Brushing on Varnish

Low-tech methods produce a durable finish.

22 20 FinishingTips

The small stuff can make a big difference.

29 Finishing Rack

Stops sags using horizontal storage.

30 Staining Wood

Add color to enhance a natural look.

34 Tips for Finishing Cherry

How to create a rich, even color.

41 Tips &Techniques for Fantastic Oak Finishes

Multilayered finishes bring out oak's best qualities.

47 Tips for Finishing Walnut

The king of hardwoods deserves a good finish.

52 Staining Pine

Transform a humble wood into a star.

55 Finishing Birdseye Maple

Bring out the beauty of this captivating wood.

58 Painting Wood

It's the prep work that counts most.

60 Bleaching Wood

Subtracting color adds life.

62 Sealers

An extra coat can solve many problems.

64 Gel Stain

Solve staining problems the easy way.

66 Super-Smooth Poly Finish

How to rub out a tough finish.

70 Waterborne Polyurethane Basics

Answers to the most commonly asked questions.

73 Outdoor Finishes

A guide to a wide range of choices.

76 Basic HVLP Spray Techniques

I low to succeed at spraying a waterborne finish.


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