Use Two Brushes To Control Drips

A big brush that holds a lot of finish is great for covering a large flat surface. But that same big brush often leaves too much finish on its thin front edge. The remedy: use two brushes. First, using the big brush, quickly cover the front edge and an adjacent section of the top with finish. Tip off this swath of finish on the top with the big brush. Then switch to a second smaller brush and smooth out the coat on the edge, removing any sags and drips as you go. Once the edge is finished, switch back to the big brush, feather in where you left off and finish the top.

Drips and sags on the front edge of a board are hard to clean up with a big brush because it leaves a heavy coat that's likely to sag.

Use a second brush—small, disposable foam ones work great—to get rid of drips and sags on edges. The secret is to keep this second brush fairly dry—only dampened with mineral spirits—so it can wick up excess finish. Hold this brush at an angle so it cradles the bottom lip of the edge and make one long end-to-end stroke. If you need to make a second pass, put on a plastic glove and squeeze out the brush.

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