With Glue Size

Problem #1: The end grain keeps absorbing finish. The face and edges of a board look nice and satiny after two or three coats, but the end grain still looks dry ard unfinished.

Sealer Solution: Glue size, which is ncthing more than thinned-down glue. To make glue size, simply mix equal amounts of water and white glue. Don't worry—this milky-white solution dries to a clear, colorless film.

Brush a coat of glue size onto the exposed end grain. Let it dry and sand it smooth with 220-grit sandpaper before applying your first coat of finish. Avoid getting the glue size on the faces and edges of the board.

Porous end grain looks unfinished, even with three coats of varnish. A sealer coat of glue size solves the problem.

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