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All parte screwed together finished parts onto supports.

Top brace screwed to uprights

1 x 2 cross b races

1 X 2 rack supports fit in dadoes in uprights.

Staining Wood

Bring Out The Natural Beauty In Any Wood

Staining is as problematic for woodworkers as any aspect of finishing. It's disheartening to see your hard work ruined by a blotchy stain or one dial's too dark or light or even the wrong color. When you apply stain to wood, you may not get the intended effect. Even worse, because it's often impossible to correct staining problems after they've occurred, you ma\ be stuck with what you have. This frustration causes many woodworkers to shun staining altogether.

This is a shame. If staining is done properly, it enhances the natural beauty of wood much more than simply applying a clear finish. Done properly, stains intensify the figure and grain of wood to make it appear more alive and interesting. Of course, stains can also be used to change or blend the wood's natural color.

Stains are often used to imitate the rich patina of old furniture or to make plain but affordable woods such as alder and birch, look more like their high-class cousins (Photo 1).

During the 1960s and 1970s, the "back to nature" movement influenced furniture styles. As a result, the natural look of wood became very popular. It's likely that among woodworkers. at least, this style was reinforced by the relative ease with which a natural look could be accomplished. All you had to do was apply a couple of coats of oil and wipe off the excess. It's a great look, but there are many beautiful options that only stain can deliver.

The trend today emphasizes an increased range of colors and textures. Even faux (imitation or fake) finishes are back in style.

You may not always choose to color your wood, but it is no longer acceptable to reject staining out of hand. Understanding stains and staining opens up new possibilities for finishing your woodwork.

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