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Time-tested and woodworker-approved, here are some of our favorite workaday tools.

A 7T-% 4- loots do I need lor my shop?" This V f 1 XiXUhas io be one of (lie most common question in woodworking: The answer usually starts with the big power tools: tablesaw. jointer, router, planer. But what about those everyday tools we take for granted? You know, the kind that cause you to turn to a shopmate and say. "Tim is a great little tool."

1 polled the American Woodworker editors and compiled a list of some of our favorite tools. All the picks are under $120. most ot them way under. Here, in no particular order, is a short list of time-tested, woodworker-approved, great little tools.

Marking Gauge

Marking gauges are handy for all kinds of marking needs. Use one to scribe a line on a drawer side to locate mechanical slides or mark the depth of dovetails. I also use o marking gauge to lay out a board for resawing. After setting the gauge by eye to approximately the middle of the board, scribe a line with the gauge indexed off of one face and then scribe a second line with the gauge indexed off the opposite face. This almost always gives me a pair of lines that form a perfect track for my batvdsaw blade to travel in as I resaw. If my eyes are really on the money, I get a single fat line to follow.

Source Lee Va'-ley. (800> S/1-8158. Veritas incro-adjust fen marking gaugo

Rabbet Plane

A rabbet plane has an iron that goes all the way to the edge of the body so you can plane up to a shoulder. It's the perfect choice to shave down a tenon for a snug fit. The Stanley 93 shown here is actually two planes in one. Loosen the knuilod knob at the top and the lower unit drops out as a chisel plane. On a chisel plane, the blade sticks out the front, which makes it ideal for removing glue, cleaning up the corners in a hinge mortise or trimming plugs. This tool may not fall into your daily-use category, but when you need it. you L, can't beat it.

Source Highland Hardware. (800) 241-6748. www. highland Stanley _ _

93 »«bbotfchsel piano.

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