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American Woodworker januarv 2007 31


20~uitlc capacity model \S-20aho popular lino mem to include moulders and pla as always. Baker offers choke in order io fit your b other needs. A variety of cutters are available for moulding. And. the planers utilize a revolutionary, helical cutter head that lasts up to eight times longer than traditional straight cutters! Highest quality. highest profitability, professional results. Ihat s what you'll get from Baker's new Planer and Moulder Division.



Call Baker Products Today To Get All The Specs!

J® r/--IT"T PO Box 128 ' Ellington • Missouri • 6Î6Î8 • U.S.A.

. - '~]L\mSnni Fax: (S73) 66Î-2787 • Phone: (S7i) 663-7711 BE W-■ I

IPjrr; rfrrrz fc? E-mail: info(SMcr-onlmc.com • Call toll free: (800) 548-691 4 www.baker-online.com Finish Fast Finish Strong♦

Variable-Speed Mini Lathe


Stoet Otv Tool Worts. (8771 724-8665. www.stootcitytooiwoikscom Vor-aWe-speed mini lathe. «60100.1379. Bed extersion. #60727. S69

Although the market is loaded with mini lathes, few til them olTer the convenience of variable speed. Enter Steel City Tool Works' variable-speed mini lathe ($379). Once you start controlling this lathe's speed with its dial, you'll never want to go back. A step pul-lc> is used to set speed ranges, high and low. and the speed dial takes over from ihcre. The low range goes from 500 to 1.350 rpm, and the high range from 1,400 to 3,800 rpin. A 1/2-hp motor supplies the jM>wer.

Tlu- Steel City machine has a 10-iu. swing over the bed and 13-in. capacity between centers. Adding a bed extension increases the capacity to 37-3/4 in. The drive spindle is I-in. diame ter with 8 threads per inch (tpi). Both the head and tail stock take a No. 2 Morse taper.


Stoet Otv Tool Worts. (8771 724-8665. www.stootcitytooiwoikscom Vor-aWe-speed mini lathe. «60100.1379. Bed extersion. #60727. S69

32 American WiKxhsnrki-i JANUARY 2007


Fast and easy lo operate

That's gotta hurt.

But you can prevent this kind of pain by sharpening your drill bits with Drill Doctor, The Drill Bit Sharpener. '

With Drill Doctor, you can restore most bits to precision sharp in less than 60 seconds. Working sharp is working smart. Your bits will be sharp, and so will your projects. If you're looking for precise results every time, work with the drill bit sharpening expert—Drill Doctor.

Sharpens in less than 60 seconds

Sharpens Vw*-V>"bits-HSS. masonry, cobalt, carbide, TiN-coatcd

% Drill Doctor

The Drill Bit Sharpener

Work Smart Work Sharp

Sharpen* and creates BACK-CUT'" spirt-point bits for faster penetration and less drill bit "wandering"

loolr tor Ol« Drill Doctor .it th* Homr Depot, lowtv Ace, Wwtfrein Tool, ond wberev« yoo buy your too!v.

1-888-MYDRILL (693-7455) • www.DrillDoctcr.com

Versatile Tenoning Jig by Tom Caspar

A tenoning jig is one of my favorite tablesaw accessories. I use it for many different joints, including straight tenons, angled tenons, bridle joints, splincd miters and scarf joints. When I recently reviewed these handy tools. I overlooked an impressive model from General International (see "TenoningJigs." AW #123. September 2006, page 84, or www.american woodwxjrker.com/tCnoningjigs).

This jig ranks with the best. Its guide bar fits tight to any miter-gauge slot using spring-loaded ball bearings in the bar's side. Precisely aligning the jig with the saw blade is easy because the guide bar's adjustment screws are readily accessible. Both handles may be mounted on the jigs sliding table, which I prefer to do to avoid jiggling the work support during a critical cut.

But that's not all. You can tilt the jig's work support as much as 45 degrees, considerably more than the 17-degree maximum on other jigs. I'nlike oilier jigs, with this one, you can reposition the clamp arm and backstop to either side of the work support. 1 bis allows you to use the jig on the left or right side of the blade for an even greater range of angled cuts. In addition, this jig's coarse table adjustment works very smoothly.

much better than those on other jigs, and its cast-iron base is huge—2 in. longer than other jigs' bases. All in all, this jig is an excellent addition to your tablesaw.

Source Gene*a International, 1514)32$-« 161. wvw.gonaraf.ca Tenoning )ig #50-

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