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Here's a way to joint pieces of wood that are too short to be run safely over the jointer. Flip your hand-jointer plane upside down and clamp it in your bench vise. Now you can pass the wood over the plane to joint the edge. It's a good idea to use a push stick so that you don't nip your fingers on the blade.

/ Alan McMaster Brighton, MI

I make a base from 3/*-in. plywood, two "J" bolts and a length of perforated iron strapping. If you can't find J bolts, you can open up the loops of cycbolts.

I find that one strap is sufficient to hold the motor in the cradle. However, you could install two straps—one at each end —if necessary to hold the motor.

dean ST. clair Salesville, OH

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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