One Good Turn Deserves Another

If woodtuming had a patron saint, it would have to be Albert LeCoff. Ever since he and his brother Alan organized the first Wood turning Conference back in 1976, Albert's given selflessly of his time and energy to promote wood turning.

Back in September, a group ot woodturning luminaries met in secret to scheme up some way to thank Albert for his latest coup —the wonderful International Turned Objects Exhibition last September in Philadelphia (see September/October 1988 AW). The turners hit on a plan to present Albert, who walks with a cane, with a collection of turned walking sticks, each done by a different artist. Wendy Michelson, who coordinated the project, explained the symbolism behind the idea. "Albert's helped so many turners 'walk' from the craft field into the art field. The canes were our way of returning the favor—our way of helping Albert walk."

The plan called for installing a handrail on the staircase in Albert's home with the canes as removable balusters. This idea lost out in favor of a ceremonial stand to hold and display the canes.

The canes were presented to Albert at a surprise party on a snowy Philadelphia night last January.

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Albert LeCoff and Wendy Michelson look over the 35 canes presented to Albert for his tireless efforts to promote woodturning.

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