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Until now, raising a panel with a router was a two step process: first you had to rout the bevel, then rabbet the back edge to bring the panel flush with the frame. Now there's a router bit that does both steps at once. The new ^ 3-in. o.d. panel-raising bit from Cascade Tool Co. cuts the bevel and the rabbet at the same time leaving a '/4-in. tongue to fit the panel frame. These carbide-tipped bits come with top-mounted template bearings. Also available as a shaper cutter. (Price: $49.95) ■ Cascade Tool Co., Dept. AWT. Box 848, Mercer Island, WA 98040


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Dragonsong has put the art back into the planemaking craft. Dragon-song planes are made by an American craftsman out of laminated Macassar ebony, with rivets running through the body for extra stability. The durable, low-friction phosphor-bronze sole comes tuned up and ready to go. The blade and back iron —made of a special high-carbon steel for easy sharpening—

are held in place by a pivoting brass Norris-tvpe mechanism. Dragon-song planes come in two sizes: 11 in. and 6 in., with blade widths of 2 in. and 1 xh in. respectively. Each plane comes in its own custom-made walnut box and cloth bag. (Price: 11 in.. $325; 6 in., $250: set. $550) ■ Garrett Wade. Dept. AWT, 161 Aw.

of the Americas. New York. NY 10013

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Wood Working 101

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